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captioning and subtitling services

In a nutshell, captions and subtitles are onscreen text that renders dialogues.  But these terms have significant differences from each other.  Subtitling is the process of translating a medium from one language to another so viewers can comprehend or understand what is happening in a particular video.  Best case in point is a Hollywood film.  Without the subtitles, viewers from India or France for example would have difficulty following the plot of the movie.  Subtitles are highly recommended for pre-recorded videos just like films and TV programs.

Captioning on other hand is the process of converting the audio content of videos, TV programs, webcast, films, live events and other multi-media productions into text.  These texts are then displayed on screen or other visual display system.  Captions do not only display words from spoken dialogues but also include filler words, narration, sound effects, music description, speaker identification, and more.  It is also important to highlight that captions should be synchronized and appear the same time the audio is delivered.  Captions are used primarily to aid people with hearing impairment.

By using subtitles and captions you are set to expand to international scale.  With the use of appropriate of subtitles or captions to a TV program, more people will be able to understand the show, overcoming language barriers or hearing impairment.  This will mean a larger audience and a better opportunity for your business to propagate your brand.  It can give your business that much needed boost while opening a new horizon in a foreign territory.


video captioning and subtitling

Video captioning and subtitles can break language barriers and it has the power to engage audience.  If you are a company who’s looking to expand in a foreign market, it is important to incorporate captions and subtitles in your video presentations. is a pioneer and leading company in producing topnotch video captions and subtitles for a global audience.   We have served over happy clients for a broad range of industries including business, financial, academic, and more.  We streamlined our process to deliver captions and subtitles faster, saving you money and time. provides cost-effective video captioning and subtitling services helping companies and other customers reduce costs associated with it.  We deliver high quality video captioning and subtitling which adheres to the industry’s best practices but at a fraction of the cost.  We have partnered with multimedia companies, broadcasting companies, film production, and TV moguls in producing accurate subtitles and captions for their video.  The result is a wider coverage area and impressive results.

Our innovative tools and cutting-edge software allow us to work faster than other agencies.  We offer our customers with options for rush or super rush delivery to meet their urgent deadlines.  As an ISO-certified company, we streamlined our process to ensure high level of work and 100% customer satisfaction.  If you have questions about our video captioning and subtitling services, customer care can be easily reached using toll-free hotlines, online chat, and call backs.


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