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subtitling and dubbing

Subtitling and Dubbing play an important role in videos and other media mediums. Both of them involve translation of dialogues. However, they also differ in some significant aspects. Subtitling is the process of converting spoken dialogues into written texts flashed at the bottom of the screen, while dubbing as defined is the replacement of spoken dialogue into other languages. For instance, subtitling and dubbing have huge impacts for the success of any video programs. Because of this, we take pride at providing authentic and almost perfect subtitling and dubbing services to our diverse clients across the globe.

Our accuracy level is High . We have professional team of artists whose experience and skills are unsurpassed in the industry. They excel in their specific field of expertise; therefore they are capable of producingsubtitling and dubbing results with excellent quality at all times. Our proficient subtitlers and dubbers are native speakers in their respective languages; thus we cater top qualitysubtitling and dubbing in over 300+ foreign and local languages worldwide. As fully customized services, we also accept and deliver various standard file formats including .M4A, .M4B, .M4V, .RA , .RM, .QT.XML, .QT.TXT, .QT.SMIL, .SMI,.ASX and many more.

We are committed at producing first-class quality subtitling and services. With the state of the art recording studios and well-experienced artists on board, we successfully deliver results as quickly as possible. We never miss deadlines because of our fast turnaround time options. We also provide rush and super rush services for urgent subtitling and needs. To get our price list for subtitling and dubbing services, upload files to our web servers and receive a free quote instantly. You may also call our toll free hotline numbers for assistance.  


subtitling and dubbing companies

We are one of the top-rated subtitling and dubbing companies operating online. We are experts at producing various types of subtitling and dubbing for broadcasting and non-broadcasting productions. Media sectors, film and TV sectors and other multimedia industries require translations for subtitling and dubbing services for global viewership. Along with this, we always give supreme satisfaction to a wide range of clients. We continually excel in this business because of our customers around the globe and human experts caption videos.

As one of the leading subtitling and dubbing companies, we offer our exceptional services at very affordable rates. We charge our subtitling and dubbing at a flat rate of $1/min for English and $7/min for other languages. We also provide bulk order offers for placing large volume of orders. Not only that, other premium special discounts are also given to valued and supportive clients.

Our subtitling and dubbing services are 100% safe and confidential. With our advanced security systems, we manage to offer spam-free subtitling and Files are fully safeguarded as we ensure that communication between our servers and browsers are stringently encrypted. We also keep our clients’ personal information through non-disclosure agreements signed by our talented experts. If you need assistance for our services, we have sleepless customer care specialists who are always available 24/7 all year round. Contact us via online chats, call back options and toll free numbers.


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