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Standalone Subtitling - English

Subtitling + Transcription $1.99/min

Open/Closed Subtitling - English

Subtitling + Transcription $5.99/min

Subtitling - Other Languages

Subtitling + Transcription $13/min
Subtitling + Translation $15/min

Note: Rates may vary for Subtitling done by native transcribers.

File Length
Turnaround Time
Under 30 minutes
24 hours or less
Around 30 minutes to 1 hour
48 hours or less
Around 1 to 3 hours
4 to 5 business days
More than 3 hours
5 to 6 business days
More than 4 hours
For details chat with us now or call our toll free numbers.

Note: TATs mentioned above are applicable only to projects attached with scripts.

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Additional Services

Bulk Orders (10 to 20 hours) Can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours,
Expedited Service Cost applies accordingly.
Express Delivery Deliver from 6 hours onwards .
File formats SubRip (.srt), Scenarist (.scc), MacCaption (.mcc) and many other

All Inclusive Special Services

FCC Compliance
Yes, We make sure that all our closed and open Subtitling done under FCC compliance.
ADA Compliance
Yes, All our Subtitling services completely abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990 ruling for Subtitling.
Amazon & Netflix Compliance
Yes, Our closed and open Subtitling services are done under amazon & Netflix compliance as per the customers requirements.

Note :

Rates will vary depending on the project specifications and embedding requirements.

Minimum Order Cost is $50.


subtitling rates

Subtitles have now become an integral part of videos and other multimedia projects.  Post-edit productions of large TV productions and broadcast media are often in the lookout for subtitling companies who can offer precise, reliable and accurate subtitling services for their projects.  The demand for quality subtitling has increased especially for live broadcasting, video on demand, web videos and other events.  At, we provide customers with well formatted, legible, and comprehendible subtitles, making your contents reach a wider audience share.   

But aside from the high level of work that we provide for our customers, it’s the subtitling rate that sets us apart from the rest.  With over a decade in the subtitling industry, we have already perfected the craft of subtitling and on how to make our rates cheaper than ever.  Our pricing options are designed to meet the varying needs of our customers.  Depending on the specific requirement of your projects, we offer subtitling solutions that are guaranteed affordable and can fit any budget size.  

Whether you need verbatim or just plain subtitles, we’ll make sure your needs are covered.  Enjoy rock-bottom pricing for our subtitling for as low as $1/min. for English subtitling and a bargain deal of $7/min. for other languages.  Our price packages are more economical compared to what the market is offering right now.  This is a deciding factor for your company if you are working in a limited budget.  Just because we offer amazing rates for our subtitling, it doesn’t mean the quality is neglected.  In fact, every subtitling project is validated and verified to achieve minimum accuracy rating of High .

rates for subtitling per minute

Our rates for subtitling per minute are incredibly low, giving flexible payment terms for our clients.  This is a good option especially if you have a short video clip which needs subtitling.  And the good news about our rates for subtitling per minute is that we never compromise quality, you are always guaranteed to get the best subtitling services in any language you choose.  We support more than 100+ languages spoken regionally and internationally.

By providing budget-friendly subtitles, your videos can be significantly more compelling and can be helpful for your audience.  We are powered by a diverse network of subtitling professionals who are selected based on our stringent hiring process.  All subtitles are human-generated, thereby catching language nuances, substance, and other linguistic aspects.  

With thousands of trained subtitling professionals, writers, and translators, every deadline is met on time.  For us, being late is not an option.  Whether you need your subtitles in 24 hours or in two days, our professional team works round the clock to make sure you receive your transcripts as quickly as possible.  As an ISO-certified company, we streamlined our workflow and offer customers option for rush or super rush delivery.


1.Do you offer bulk order rates for subtitling?

2.Where can I get the cheapest subtitling rates per hour?

3.What is your subtitles rates per minute?

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subtitling Pricing

Standalone Subtitling - English $1/min USD
Open/Closed Subtitling - English $5/min USD
Subtitling - Other Languages $7/min USD